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Discover your wings and learn to fly, as flying is a beautiful process”. Justifying this thought, Adhyayan Academy helps every aspirant in achieving the pursuit of excellence by providing an assistive environment that contributes in forming a stable path towards an enlightened future. In today’s scenario of competition, where everyone is striving to achieve success, one needs to deliver smart work that stimulates your retaining & grasping skills. Our veteran & competent academic staff with years of guiding experience, incomparably put their efforts in assistingall the young in spirit minds to channel their potential in a right way, which accelerates their calibre and escalates the future.

About Adhyayan Acandemy

Adhyayan Academy was founded in the year 2011 by Mr. Chetan Choudhary & Mrs. Sweety Choudhary to impart quality education to the students of all streams (Science) at a very affordable price. After completing his B.Tech (Electronics) & MBA, Mr. Choudhary had great career options in front of him, but he decided to take the road less traveled and become an educational entrepreneur. A passionate teacher, he decided to make mathematics fun for students with his easy methods of practicing the subject. It was his ardent desire to make students more comfortable with solving problems of mathematics that made him take up teaching as a career option.
Mrs.SweetyChoudhary has been in the teaching profession since her college days. After completing her M.Sc. (Biochemistry), she moved into the teaching career professionally. Over the years, she has made hundreds of students understand the concept of chemistry in very unique ways, and has also developed their interest in Biology.
The couple started this institute with merely 15 students at Kalani Nagar Branch. With fire in their bellies to drive their mission of imparting quality education, they worked day in & day out and came up with their second branch at Usha Nagar. Now they train & teach at least 250 students in a year with a clear vision of working on quality, and not quantity.

Who All Can Join Adhyayan Academy?

Students aspiring to pursue higher education in Science stream can join Adhyayan Academy. Our Academy has separate batches for competitive exams & board exams. Students who aim to become a doctor or an engineer, can enroll themselves in our competitive wing, while the ones who want to concentrate on the board exams first, can join our catalyst batch.

Students of 9th& 10th are like wet clay, where right direction & guidance can mould them, and cast their bright future. So, the 9th&10th class students, who want to focus on concept buildingalong with the aim of NTSE& want to go for competitive exam in future, can join our foundation batch.

Even students up to class 8th can join Adhyayan Academy, where well-trained teachers for junior students guide them & work on them in improving their basics & academic results.

Why Adhyayan Academy?

Knowledge acquisition is a slow, gradual & dynamic process that usually happens during the sincere pondering over the abstract concept in one’s study. In today’s world, where coaching centers have turned imparting education into a business, we at Adhyayan Academy focus on the acquisition of knowledge which does not happen in the crowded rooms of coaching centers. We keep on working on our every single student till he/she improves not only in his/her results and academic records, but also from learning point of view.

In the present scenario, where prices of each commodity & services are rising, education sector hasn’t remain untouched. If a student aspires to become a doctor or an engineer, then just for the coaching centers he or she has to pay lakhs of rupees without any exam clearance guarantee. That too, if the parents manage to pay such high fees, their wards have to sit in those overcrowded classes, where major attention is paid only to the brilliant students who are most likely to excel in the exams.

We at Adhyayan Academy focus on such students whose parents cannot afford such high fees, but dream to see their ward becoming a doctor or an engineer in future.

Every student can see a dream & can see it getting fulfilled at Adhyayan Academy. We offer classes with maximum batch strength of 30 students. Our highly experienced faculty team ensures that every student of the batch gets full and complete attention. We work equally on the talented students of our batch & also on the average students.

❖ We at Adhyayan Academy believes in fostering the values & habits of learning, understanding & visualizing the concept from the foundation batch onwards. We always guarantee improvement in academic results with the fee structure far low from the market competition.

❖ With the faculties having expertise in their respective core fields, Adhyayan Academy believes in pushing students off their limits to define their future.

❖ We at Adhyayan Academy believe in inculcating positive attitude, self belief and high level of confidence in our students which is essentially required to qualify in any competitive exams.

❖ At Adhyayan Academy, we strictly believe in our commitment to provide holistic support & personalized care to each and every student during the entire academic session.

Adhyayan Academy is not only a coaching institute, but a Launchpad, a breeding ground for every student to fly with his/her dreams getting accomplished. Here, Chetan Sir (Director) &Sweety Madam (Director) take care of every students’ activities just as their parents would do. If the students are not able to perform or concentrate on their studies, they motivate the students to perform better, and ensure that they not just excel in studies, but also go on to become responsible professionals and citizens in the future.

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GEETA BHAWAN : 3A/1, Residency Area Manorama Ganj
Near Geeta Bhawan Square, Indore (M.P.)
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GEETA BHAWAN : 3A/1, Residency Area Manorama Ganj Near Geeta Bhawan Square, Indore (M.P.)

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